Date: April 09, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

10 reasons to set your alarm clock, Australia

10. You’ve got a strange penchant for haunting piano solos.

9. You’ll have the TV to yourself – only golf fans are getting up this early!

8. You’ve gotta ride the rollercoaster with your boy! Most focus on the last nine holes, but to really appreciate the result and how your favourite managed to don the green jacket, you have to go the distance.

7. Go on, admit it. You want to be involved in the water cooler chats next week (yes, it WILL be about golf!!). And if Tiger can fire a shot, that conversation could get heated!

6. This is legitimate history in the making. There are umpteen fantastic storylines waiting to unfold this weekend and the tales will live forever.

5. Ian Baker-Finch. Just admire our man’s passion and knowledge – then remember he’s sitting on a purpose-built perch behind the 12th tee and that an Aussie is in control of commentary on THE real estate in world golf.

4. While we’re on the CBS coverage, take the time to appreciate Jim Nantz’s eloquent gold. The best in the business, by some distance.

3. There is NO better excuse to be late to work on Monday morning. If your boss has one patriotic bone in his body, you’ll be fine. And if we win, the Bob Hawke-style day off is well deserved.

2. All right, you’re not a gardener. But come on, they’re some mighty pretty shrubs and flowers and stuff they’ve got going on.

1. We can win the bloody thing! Seriously. Get around Day, Scott, Senden, Ogilvy and Murdaca. As Scott famously said on the 72nd green in 2013: “Come on, Aussie.”