Date: November 24, 2009

2009 Club Member Survey

Golf Australia is currently conducting an important three-part research study into club membership. This survey will assist all levels of the golf industry in developing strategies and programs to encourage people into the sport and build club memberships to guarantee the sport s future. Part one of this study, completed earlier this month, was a quantitative study into casual players and their attitudes to the sport, including their level of interest in club membership. Part two is a quantitative research survey relating to club member attitudes; including what generally attracts members to having a club membership. The final part of this project will be a series of focus groups with club members and casual players. When complete, the findings from this study will be provided to States and clubs with evidence-based recommendations on what clubs can potentially do to attract new members and retain current members. We encourage club members to complete the survey by clicking the link below. 2009 Golf Club Member Survey. The survey will close on December 7.