Date: September 13, 2015



Concord have had a stellar finish to their 2015 Eric Apperly season by taking out today’s final against Monash in a nail biting sudden death play off. The contest was tied with three matches each to Concord and Monash. This meant that the number one players from each team faced a sudden death play off to break the dead lock. Jason Hong (Concord) and Brayden Petersen (Monash) had the play the 18th at Pennant Hills twice to break the tie with Jason parring the hole both times to win get the win for Concord.

The Concord team has played exceptionally well all year winning all of their four contests in the preliminary rounds and only conceding four individual matches during these rounds. Concord were then faced with the country team, Duntryleague, who put up a good fight but were outdone by the strong Concord team. This win meant that Concord were to come up against this year’s favourites, St. Michael’s. The tail of the Concord team were able to get out early in their semi final against St. Michael’s and secure them three points by winning in positions four, five and six, with their number one, Nick Watts winning in a nail biting match again Travis Smyth on the 18th hole. This secured Concord a position in today’s final. Concord seemed to be slightly in front for the matches going into the back nine and a strong finish by their players ensured they were the 2015 Eric Apperly Shield winners. Clock on the link below for final scores: