Date: November 10, 2014


Golf Access Australia


How can you get a handicap through Golf Access?

You simply join a Golf Access Club, Venue or Golf Network through the State Golf Association you reside in.

How it works

To join
– Fill out an application form through your State Association (details below)

The cost
– The base price of the program is $99 per annum. Some accredited providers may charge extra for other offerings within their program. Below is a list of providers currently offering the Golf Access program.

The benefits
– You receive an official Golf Australia Hanidcap which is recognised worldwide. Your handicap will be administered through GOLFLINK, the official Golf Australia handicap system.
– To gain a Golf Australia Handicap you need to provide 3 x 9hole or 18hole score cards that have been completed correctly and signed by anyone who holds a current handicap. You can play Golf Network events in your respective state to complete these cards.
– You will receive a GOLFLINK card and be able to long on to GOLFLINK to check your handicap at anytime.
– Personal indemnity, Accident and Equipment Insurance
– Other benefits depending on the Golf Access provider you join

– You cannot discontinue a membership with a Golf Club to join the Golf Access program


State Providers

New South Wales
Golf NSW

Women's Golf Network

South Australia
Golf South Australia

Victorian Golf Association :Men

Women's Golf Network

Australian Capital Territory
Golf NSW

Western Australia:
The Golfers Club website


Bushranger Golf:
Visit Bushranger Golf

Ignite Golf:
Ignite Golf