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Frequently Asked 9 Hole Questions How will 9 hole golf benefit golfers? Put simply, 9 hole gives golfers more choice and flexibility. 9 hole golf is designed to cater for people who may not be ale to play full 18 hole events as often as they would like. The shorter format takes less time and is also less demanding for beginners, juniors and people with physical limitations. It also enables club members to get more value for money from their membership fees by incorporating a quick 9 holes into their busy lifestyle! Who can play 9 hole events? This depends on the club and some competitions are open to members and visitors contact clubs via our register to see what they are offering.Whilst available in a competitive format, 9 hole golf is also less formal so you will find men, women, juniors, seniors and families all having a great time out on the course. Hasn&apost 9 hole golf been around for a long time what&aposs new? Clubs have always run 9 hole events but usually on an unofficial basis in the summer months. Clubs are now being encouraged to broaden the options for this shorter form of the game to include official competitions on various days of the week. This will provide greater competition access for people who have been unable to play the 18 hole format. Where can I play 9 hole golf? Check our club register or enquire at your local club. When can I play 9 hole events? This will vary from club to club. Some clubs might offer a competition on a summer evening with a dinner afterwards or it may be played in conjunction with regular 18 hole events on the weekend. Enquire at your local club for details. Can I get a handicap by playing 9 hole rounds? Yes – the Australian Handicapping System now allows 9 hole cards to be submitted for the allocation of a player s initial handicap. Can I play in official competitions over 9 holes? Yes – the Australian Handicapping System allows for events of 9 holes or more to be officially handicapped this means that these events may be treated in the same way as the traditional 18 hole competitions. For details go to the 9 hole Rules page. There are many clubs that only have a 9 hole course how does this program benefit them? Traditionally, 9 hole clubs play 18 hole competitions players just go around twice, usually from different tees the second time. Therefore the benefits of 9 hole golf apply to them just as they do to all other courses. How can clubs promote the fact that they are offering opportunities for 9 hole play? Clubs should click here to register their facility to display the details of their options for 9 hole golf. Visitors to this site will be able to find details of participating clubs and contact them directly. Golf Australia also encourages clubs to include this information in any newsletters or mail outs to members as well as promotion the 9 hole option in clubhouses and pro shops. Is 9 hole golf designed to replace the traditional 18 hole format? No Golf Australia firmly believes in upholding the 18 hole format as it is a great tradition of the game. 9 hole golf is simply another option to encourage greater participation, thereby helping to ensure the viability of our game in all its forms moving into the future. Is this program designed to be played at club level only or are there options to play in open 9 hole tournaments? Initially the program will operate within clubs but, as it grows in popularity, there may be opportunities for open, interclub and even state events. Want to get started? Go to PlayGolf.com.au