Date: June 05, 2013
Author: Golf NSW

91 year old gets hole in one

NSW Golf Club&aposs Roy Cato could barely take in what happened when he found out head hit his third hole-in-one just a few weeks shy of his 92nd birthday. When the ball sunk in the hole his playing partners around him were screaming and jumping for joy. When he gathered himself he thought about how grateful he was to be able to achieve it towards the end of his career while being amused by the commotion surrounding him, saying the boys I played with said more than I did! I couldn’t believe it. I was very fortunate. Reflecting on his previous hole-in-ones Roy said his first one was at Pennant Hills during a Trades Day about 15 years ago. His next hole-in-one was at the NSW Golf Club in 2009. On Saturday, 25th May 2013, using a driver he sunk the ball from 145 metres into the 11th hole to achieve his third tremendous feat. This recent hole-in-one felt different to Roy. It was windy and a bit cool. The ball went straight from the tee clean into the hole. He attributes the textbook stroke to his driving drills and exercise routine stating it must ve been one of those swings I practice and came off. He first took up golf as a 15 year old. After his family moved from Victoria to Sydney in June 1935 his parents became caterers at Eastlake Golf Club. They were living on premise for 10c/week. Roy proudly stated that many members from the NSW Golf Club went to Eastlake to dine, preferring his mum s cooking. When it came to joining a club he was drawn to NSW Golf Club by those he socialised with. He has remained a member for 65 years since becoming a member on 12th November 1947. Roy exercises five mornings a week on his exercise bike, swims and does a bit of yoga. He hits about 60 golf balls 2-3 times a week at the Terrey Hills Driving Range and then relaxes over a cuppa. Commuting from North Turramurra Roy still actively participates once or twice a week in competitions at the NSW Golf Club. Just recently Roy was feeling under the weather and went to get a check-up. He claimed the Doctors looked over every organ in his body – his lungs, liver and kidneys. He was thrilled that they could not find one organ out of order. He pays tribute to all the ladies at his Fernbank residence that help him stay in the loop on the latest trends to health and well-being. He is also involved with a local church which helps keep him grounded and at peace. His active social lifestyle and friends keep him going and he looks forward to celebrating his 92nd birthday with them on 19th June. Roy bubbles with such energy and enthusiasm, one could not picture him being in his 90 s. He puts many of us to shame with his fitness and energy levels. His enthusiasm spills over as he speaks being ever grateful that anyone would contact him to congratulate him on his achievement. It is hard not to be drawn to his humble and caring nature. Not all was rosy for Roy. He has had his share of hardships and golf was one of the constant things in his life. Years after his father passed away his mother succumbed to breast cancer. Roy went away during World War II for about four years. When he returned he became a freelance agent selling women’s clothing, travelling all over for close to four decades. He was faced with financial hardships, going broke then getting back up again. Throughout his ordeals he continued to play golf. Roy met his wife in 1950 and spent over half a century with her in Gordon from April 1957. After his wife passed away ten years ago, he moved to the Fernbank Village. Asking Roy what advice he would give to the younger generation of golfers, Roy pondered: I would say, play golf. It is basically one of the best things in life to work through life with, because golf is a game that keeps you off the streets, keeps you mentally alert for four hours, is the best thing anybody can do. All my life I ve had ups and downs, made and lost money, but kept up with golf. It is the best mind leveller you can get. It keeps you alert good clean game where you must be honest no cheating it is the greatest leveller in life! Congratulations Roy and a very happy 92nd birthday!