Date: December 18, 2014
Author: Ann Jones / ABC RN

An advocate for accessible golf

After an overseas accident left him a quadriplegic, James Gribble thought that he’d never play golf again. However after years of rehabilitation and the emergence of a new machine that helps him stand and swing, James is back in the game. Ann Jones reports from one of Australia's most accessible golf courses.

You could be in a fairytale setting: the soft green grass looks perfect for a picnic and a miniature castle wreathed in foggy clouds wouldn't seem out of place under the pines.

Instead, there’s a golf buggy with two people in polo shorts, teeth gritted and bum cheeks clenched as they go around the steep edge of a sand trap. Over to the left a frustrated man with a seven iron is fossicking for his ball under the trees.

Welcome to the golf course. There are thousands like it—places of freedom, places of frustration.

This particular course is Moore Park Golf, a green oasis on the edge of Sydney’s CBD, a part of the Centennial Parklands, the site of perhaps more frustration and more freedom than most courses in Australia.

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