Date: June 26, 2011

Anyone for Stabrose?

By Ailsa Barnett For many years I have been endeavouring to devise an ambrose game that is more acceptable to the higher handicapped golfer. At present, statistically a team that includes a single figure player or players is heavily weighted to win an ambrose event. My game, “stabrose”, is comprised of 3 players (an adjustment can be made for teams of 4 players) who play an ambrose stroke event, however for the first six holes of the course player number 1&aposs handicap is used to convert the score to stableford points. Player number 2 for the next six holes and player 3 for the final six holes. A good score will be in the vicinity of 62 points. After submitting my idea to our women&aposs committee of Ballina Golf Club the inaugural event was held last month with the majority of players giving it the “thumbs up.” Perhaps Dr Frank Stableford endured the same frustrations in 1932 when he was looking for a substitute to stroke events!