Date: June 01, 2018
Author: Paul Vardy

Big slice out of bounds � smash – no problems!

Sound familiar…..“I was driving past your club in my Porsche 911 and a golf ball went thud on my windscreen putting and put a big crack in the front.”  Or, “I’m a neighbour and I’ve got a golf ball sitting in my kitchen.  It came through the window and is sitting in our fruit bowl next to a bruised banana that I’m now planning for a banana cake.”

In hearing these stories, a series of questions trigger in your head.  From which hole would the ball have come from?  What distance would the ball have travelled? What was the wind direction and strength? Who would have been playing the hole in question at that time?  Why aren’t I getting out to play more golf?

Most often the claimant is taken at their word and the club picks up the bill.   In many cases, clubs assume their insurance excess is greater than the cost of the damage so the club is out of pocket for the costs.

But, according to Leesa Pickles of Infrasure, insurance broker to Golf Australia and State Associations, the issue should be straight forward and without cost to the club (no excess!). The Golf Australia Player’s Personal Liability Insurance Policy, is the policy to be claimed on which provides coverage for all members via the affiliation fees paid.   All that needs to happen is the member who hit the ball be identified in order to enact the policy.

But what if it wasn’t a member who hit the ball?   There are several extensions as to what “member” means under the policy such as: any player of a golf club affiliated with Golf Australia, volunteers, officials trialling participants or employee of the club playing in a golf event.

So, to save money, clubs should take steps to ensure their members know that they are covered and that by informing the club of out-of-bounds incidents, they can save the club money in the event of damage. 

Leesa suggests players be asked to mark on their card if they hit a ball out of bounds and that clubs educate members through their various communication channels as well as including a message on the back of their scorecard.

Leesa suggests managers and committees should assess their insurance policies to make sure they are not “double dipping” on their Golf Australia Player’s Personal Liability Insurance through another policy -another way to save money.

For information about the Golf Australia Player’s Personal Liability policy please see
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Paul Vardy
Club Support Manager
Golf Australia

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