Date: February 20, 2014
Author: Golf Australia

Change of management for GOLF Link

Click Here to read the Media Release from MSL Solutions Limited To all Australian Golf Clubs, I am writing to advise you of a change of management at Golf Australia s GOLF Link handicapping service. GA s previous service provider, GOLF Link Partners, has sold its rights to deliver the GOLF Link service. GA s new service provider is MSL Solutions Limited (MSL), owner of Micropower and iseekgolf. The GOLF Link service will continue to be known as GOLF Link and clubs should not expect any disruption or deterioration in service delivery. Micropower has a long and extensive history as a software provider for Australian golf clubs and has been involved with GOLF Link as a third-party Tier 3 software provider since the inception of the GOLF Link system in the 1990s. MSL will absorb the existing handicapping staff of GOLF Link Partners into its own operational structure, and combine this existing GOLF Link expertise with MSL s own technical resources. Golf Australia looks forward to working with the new owners to maximise the service delivery and benefits to golfers and Australian golf. Please contact me if you have any queries. Stephen Pitt Chief Executive Officer