Date: January 19, 2017
Author: Paul Vardy

Club Support: We�re here to help clubs

The very first Club Support Review and Workshop was held on 18 November in Melbourne. It was a chance to get the key people delivering club support around the country together in the one room to share experiences of engagement with clubs and improving club viability.  Attendees came from Golf Australia, Golf Victoria, Golf NSW, Golf Qld, Golf SA, Golf WA, Golf NT, the PGA, GMA, AGCSA, Well Played and the Australian Sports Commission.

Club Support operates within the four key principles of collaboration, capability, communication and lead & deliver.   The review allowed us to gain insights into what is happening around the country in clubs of various sizes, what it is that clubs are asking for and emphasising that we can work collaboratively on how to best serve club needs with the resources available. 

It was an opportunity to review the progress on use of the club knowledge and resource centre (now more than 6,000 users and expanding in content all the time), as well as the club health check tool, the GMA benchmarking tool and small benchmarking tool. 

In 2016 we’re looking to build with more club visitations and more direct contact via responses to  web site traffic.  This will see more club health checks competed and more clubs utilising the club benchmarking tools.

A key area of discussion was the need to increase education opportunities for staff, club committees and volunteers in the various aspects of running a successful club and in particular in governance.  A starting point will be the establishment of a shared calendar of existing education.  Other discussions centred on the standardised induction and greater collaboration with our club support development officers in order to best deliver the toolkit of services: club knowledge & resource centre, club health check tool, GMA benchmarking tool, small clubs benchmarking tool, club support framework, participation programs,  industry reports, & (in 2016) education calendar.

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Paul Vardy
Club Support Manager