Date: November 11, 2015
Author: David Tease - Golf NSW

Double trouble for twins at NSW Open

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arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>There’s double trouble in store for the NSW Open Golf Championship at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club which begins tomorrow.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Identical twins Lindsay and Patrick Wilson are bringing some friendly brotherly love to the competition. The pair from Dubbo qualified for the Championship at Long Reef Golf Club on Monday. Lindsay equalled the course record with a 7-under par 64, while Patrick shot a neat 1-under par 70.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>The pair haven’t played a lot of competitive golf together recently, with Lindsay only just back from plying his trade on a Canadian Mini Tour. The good life in Canada is now behind him and Lindsay is now back and ready to commit to pursing his golf career on home soil.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“My visa ran out so basically I had to come back,” Lindsay says. “And it was about time I got serious about my golf again.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“You can only play up there about six months a year anyway, there’s too much snowboarding and mucking around to do.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Patrick used his familiarity of the Long Reef layout to claim his spot, after spending a few years playing Pennant at the Northern Beaches club, and a few years in the NSWIS squad.

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arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>The former State representative is back home in Dubbo these days.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“I’m managing the Dubbo Tavern at the moment,” Patrick Says. “I came back home to play my golf and managed to get through this year's pennant season with Dubbo Golf Club undefeated.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>The pair work together and are often mistaken for one another.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“It happens all the time,” Patrick says. “ No one believes I’m not Lindsay and then they don’t believe he’s not me.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>The mistaken identities help their golf, albeit in some odd ways.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“Whenever we play and we are in the results, whether it's myself or Patrick, people always know the name back home,” Lindsay says.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>As for their expectations for the week, the boys are quietly confident of a good showing.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“I’m playing really well at the moment, I’ve got the old putter in the bag and when it gets going the scoring can get pretty hot,” Lindsay says.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“It will be double trouble out there this week that’s for sure,” Patrick says. “ It will be good.”


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