Date: October 15, 2015
Author: C.Puccini, Golf SA

Edition 33 � �Best of golf in SA� at Lameroo GC

Lameroo is situated 210 km east of Adelaide and is home to Adelaide Crows AFL legend Rodney Rocket Maynard. It is also home of Golf SA 14-time Women’s Country Golf Champion Deb Christie.

The golf course is situated within the town and boasts 18 watered greens and fairways and provides a pleasant country setting.

Ben Hook from the Sunday Mail and Royal Adelaide Teaching Professional Daniel Blackwell played 3 holes at Lameroo the 8th, 12th and 13th holes.

Reviewed: 8th hole 360m Par 4

Fairly generous landing area for the tee shot on this hole, but be very careful with your approach  with quite a slope green from back to front. You will need to be accurate here.

Reviewed: 12th hole 112m Par 3

A unique golf hole. This par 3 has to be played. You will have to watch the video to believe this hole.

Reviewed: 13th hole 342m Par 4

A very sharp dogleg left here. The brave will try and cut the corner. Not easy to make the green in regulation here. Good challenging hole.