Date: October 16, 2015
Author: C.Puccini, Golf SA

Edition 36 � �Best of golf in SA� at Glenelg GC

Glenelg Golf Club offers a true world class challenge, recognised as one of Australia’s premier golfing facilities. With a level of course complexity sought after by many rival clubs, strategic design elements and impeccable turf quality provide a memorable challenge for all players.

Traditional links characteristics add to the golfing experience, with natural sand dunes and native vegetation. Great care has been taken in restoring the golf course back to its original landscape.

Ben Hook from the Sunday Mail and Royal Adelaide Teaching Professional Daniel Blackwell are joined by Golf SA Board Member Josie Hodge to review three holes at Glenelg 4th, 16th and 18th.

Reviewed: 4th hole 296m Par 4 (men) / 275m Par 4 (women)

Hole Profile on Glenelg GC website:

The 4th is a challenging hole with an open character, attractive and strategic bunkering designed for clear decision making and execution by all golfers.

A small bunker has been placed in the fairway, some 20-25 metres short of the fairway bunker on the left side. This calls for precision in the layup shot, but as the fairway to the left widens out there are plenty of options short of, over or around this bunker, which is a traditional British links element.

The green complex is bunkered on both sides with a deep pot bunker front right. The front right pot bunker allows for a tight championship pin.

Reviewed: 16th hole 144m Par 3 (men) / 120m Par 3 (women)

It's birdie time on this hole. Watch Josie show up the boys!…she is a former state player after all!

Hole Profile on Glenelg GC website:

Set high above a massive expanse of wetlands, the 16th tee complex offers players a variety of different ways to play the hole.

From the championship tee position, the hole plays a deceptive 144 metres in length, generally straight into the prevailing south-westerly. From here, players are offered an excellent view of the green, situated amongst the wetlands, with water short, right and long.

An alternative tee location forward and right of the championship tee makes the hole play around 125 metres in length, but greatly changes the angle into the green, and requires a full water-carry tee shot.

The green setting is nothing short of spectacular, with the wetlands framing the front, right and back of the green, and an area recently re-vegetated with native plants framing the left hand side.

Reviewed: 18th hole 496m Par 5 (men) / 430m Par 5 (women)

The only disappointing thing about this hole is that it’s the last hole and your round at the spectacular Glenelg Golf Club is nearly over! A great golf hole with water, bunkers, the car park and even the club house to contend with. One of the best golf hole’s in the country without doubt.

Hole Profile on Glenelg GC website:

With the clubhouse visible in the distance, the 18th hole swings left to a green setting that invites a great finish to a round.

The tee shot must find fairway between water and sand, whilst the shorter shot is afforded a more generous landing area. But it is the second half of the hole where most decisions must be made. From a long drive, the green is reachable in two, but cross bunkers must be negotiated by shaping the ball left to right or by carrying them. The shorter hitter can choose whether to advance the ball as far as possible and risk finding a cross bunker, or lay up sufficiently short and accept a more difficult shot to the green.

The green is protected by bunkers to the right and front left, and the ever present lake along the left side. The green itself is large with a great variety of pin positions, and some significant contouring that can test one’s putting skill at the end of the round.

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