Date: December 09, 2014
Author: MyGolf

Emirates Australian Open MyGolf Clinic

School days are often slow, but if an Australian Open MyGolf Clinic is on the horizon, the bell can’t sound soon enough.  

To the amazement of 25 eager juniors at The Australian Golf Club the wait was well worth while.

Hosted by Golf Australia’s High Performance Manager Matt Cutler and Golf Australia National Coaches Ritchie Smith and Tony Meyer as well as Golf Australia squad members Zach Murray, Taylor MacDonald and Oliver Goss, the MyGolfers were in for an absolute treat.

The youngsters were excited to meet Murray, MacDonald and Goss and couldn’t wait to ask them lots of questions.

Murray, MacDonald and Goss impressed the juniors with their skills on the practice chipping green early on by hitting shots on request.

The Clinic stepped up a notch when National Coaches Smith and Meyer put the young MyGolfers short game skills to the test, taking them through a series of chipping drills which they thoroughly enjoyed, judging by the smiles on their faces.

After hitting some balls, the juniors watched in awe as Murray, MacDonald and Goss got their drivers out on the 17th tee.

To wrap up the Clinic, the Golf Australia squad members signed autographs for the juniors and walked a hole of the course with them.

“It was great to be involved in the Clinic for a second time,” Goss said.

“It is great to see so many young and eager kids getting involved in golf,” MacDonald said.

“Some are quite impressive at such a young age.”