Date: August 02, 2015
Author: Dean Kinney

General Benchmarks

Golf NSW High Performance Program Selection

The components used to select players for the Golf NSW High Performance Program (HPP) are identified below:

The following are recommended benchmarks set by Golf Australia and Golf NSW to guide the selection of players into the State HPP.

Golf NSW will use these benchmarks as a guide only and the final decision on selection will be made by the appropriate High Performance Staff and committees.

The reason for this decision is that some players that reach these benchmarks may have been exposed to Golf NSW development programs previously and have not shown the commitment, desire or attitude required to reach an elite level; therefore it may be recommended that those players not be selected into the HPP.

General Benchmarks and Selection Criteria

At the time of selection, the athlete’s most current ranking will be applied

Result components are valid for 12 months from the time they are achieved

Participation components are valid for 12 months from the time they are achieved

General selection criteria as follows:

  • Australian Citizen
  • Players are selected for all Golf NSW HPP program levels based on their dedication to the process of reaching their full potential on and off the golf course and their potential ability to have success at National Amateur, International Amateur and professional level.
  • All members must have completed secondary school or be in the process of completing secondary school.
  • Minimum standards must be maintained in order to maintain a position in all Golf NSW HP programs.
  • Meet performance criteria.