Date: July 06, 2015
Author: Christian Puccini / Golf SA

Golf SA Women’s Pennant Final Results – Mon 6 July

The Golf SA Metropolitan Women's Pennant Finals were played on Mon 6 July at West Lakes Golf Club. Results from the four finals (A2, A3, Cleek 1, Cleek 2) are as follows:


Glenelg 2 lost to The Grange 3

White, Samantha defeated Kennare, Jill 3&1
Pike, Louise lost to Smith, Alicia 20th
Hughes, Rebecca lost to Jones, Alison 2&1
Raggatt, Susan defeated Dearing, Louise 4&3
Gehling, Jillian lost to King, Remiko 2up


Winning Team Manager Kris Tapp – “everyone is extremely happy, it went down to the match on the 20th hole! Grange hasn’t won for 20 years so it’s an emotional win. It’s just amazing, fantastic, the girls really tried hard and it was a really close game against Glenelg. Last year we lost in the final so we came out this year thinking positive.”

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Royal Adelaide 4 defeated The Stirling 1

Michelmore, Julie squared with Ryles, Katelyn
Blanch, Annabel defeated Donaldson, Romana 7&6
Sykes, Anne squared with Page, Joy
Waters, Miranda defeated Freer, Jillian 2&1
Evans, Stephanie defeated Yeates, Mary 5&4


Winning Team Manager Cathy McAuliffe – “we were hoping to win because we had beaten The Stirling the last time we played, so we were hoping for it, but you never know. We did manage to get the win so we are really lucky and are looking forward to the challenge of being back in A2”.

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Kooyonga 3 defeated Blackwood 2

Hunter, Jane defeated Holzer, Gundi 2&1
Fuller, Susan defeated Aylett, Helen 1up
Parsons, Susan lost to Cottrell, Dianne Kathleen 2&1
Berry, Helen defeated Frazer, Prue 4&2
Young, Jane lost to Govan, Nicola 3&1


Winning Team Manager Gill Hicks – “I think we are all still stunned and shaking, it was pretty much down to the wire. We were top qualifiers, we won the first four matches straight off, but then lost the last three rounds so it was a little bit scary going in to today. We had an amazing squad who all contributed really well to the team. It was just fabulous playing out here at West Lakes, it was beautiful, and we are absolutely thrilled to have a Cleek 1 win.”

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West Lakes 5 defeated Thaxted Park 0

Chappell, Jacqueline defeated Wilkeson, Lyn 2&1
Pratt, Janet defeated Stain, Christine 4&3
Smitham, Colleen defeated Holt, Janet 2up
Koerner, Carol defeated Waddington, Katherine 2up
Wildy, Marilyn defeated Laredo, Robin 8&6


Winning Team Manager Trish Curtis – “Congratulations to Thaxted Park it’s a really good effort to get through to the final, they played really well. I am very proud of our team though on the win”.  

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