Date: April 28, 2015
Author: Stephen Pitt, CEO

Greg still holding court

When the Qantas Golf Club advertised to its members the chance to take part in a clinic with Greg Norman, the event booked out in two hours.

It’s not that surprising, really.

One of our greatest ever golfers in an intimate group at the impeccable New South Wales Golf Club on a beautiful autumn day – it’s an opportunity that just doesn’t happen very often.

As a partner of the revolutionary Qantas Golf Club, Golf Australia was invited along and I have to tell you, as an unabashed Shark fan, I jumped at the chance to play my part.

It was great to see Greg hold court with the media who always flock for his thoughts; lovely to see him continue his ambassadorial role with Qantas, with whom he has a link enduring almost 40 years; and brilliant to see the almost instant bond he forged with GA national squad member Antonio Murdaca just days before he jetted off to Augusta for the Masters.

But this event was about the lucky Qantas Golf Club members who got to share some of Norman’s accumulated wisdom.

True to his wishes, I’ll keep Norman’s thoughts on “delicate” matters out of the media.

But I will tell you that he was forthright, as ever, in answering the questions from those lucky enough to have been on the range as he warmed up to play a hole with each group.

He told them how his hand had recovered from his chainsaw accident, his trick for hitting punched shots into the wind, and his one secret to crisp ball striking.

But I’ll take bets that not one thing will live longer in their memories than watching the ball flight as the Shark launched into a few gentle irons.

There’s still something magical about it, after all these years and no matter how many times you’ve been fortunate enough to have witnessed it.

The noise, the rhythmical swing, the trajectory – it was pure Norman. Still.

The Qantas Golf Club can’t bring Norman along to a function each week. We all understand that.

But what it has done is set the tone that experience within the club will be special and classy.

Not all golfers can arrange traditional club memberships. But if you’ve ever wanted to have a handicap so you can play competitively when you can, I urge you to check out the Qantas Golf Club as an affordable, practical pathway into our great game.

And if you ever get to meet the Great White Shark, grab it!

You won’t regret either decision.