Date: December 17, 2015
Author: Christian Puccini

Hamley Bridge Golf Club affected by Pinery fire

The Pinery bushfire which started on November 25 ripped through South Australia's Mid North region killing two people and tens of thousands of livestock. It also destroyed 87 homes, 300 farm sheds and outbuildings, and burnt more than 85,000 hectares.

To date, the Insurance Council of Australia has received a total of 1344 claims over the Pinery fire, worth $119.7 million.

17 Golf Clubs sit within Golf SA’s Mid North District and with the fire affecting such a vast area of the golden plains it was almost inevitable that at least one member club would be affected.

The Hamley Bridge Golf Club, located approx 5 kms out of Hamley Bridge on Stockport road, and who in August is due to host the 2016 State Sand Green Championships, was the one club impacted by the fire.

Hamley Bridge Club Secretary Roen Cameron and Treasurer John Riley confirmed that fire did hit the club.

 “We suffered damage mostly to our machinery shed where we lost everything. Plant included tractor with slasher, ford ute, members bike and clubs as well storage racks containing small plant items.”

“The 18th fence line was damaged and quite a lot of vegetation lost with a number of trees either burnt or blown down. It is quite possible the fire break created by our fairway may have stopped the fire from travelling further east to neighbouring properties.”

The Club advised that several of their 61 members lost houses, fencing, stock and crops and that the club is now working towards getting the mess cleaned up and replacing all that was lost.

 “The community support has been fantastic with the Mid North District and Blaze Aid offering manpower. A few clubs also offered our members playing rights which we are grateful for”.

The Secretary and Treasurer were quick to confirm that most importantly their members will work hard to have the course back to its best and in top shape for the Sand Greens Championship next year.

“A big field would be just what we need.” John Riley added.

The Club also confirmed that they are already replacing some machinery and equipment covered by insurance but if there are any clubs with surplus items that they think Hamley Bridge GC may be able to utilise, they can send details through to Secretary Roen Cameron or President Bob Hinderwell

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