Date: January 18, 2016
Author: Golf NSW

Have you got your mate’s back

Have you got your mates back?

Golf NSW and the Melanoma Institute of Australia have joined forces to remind all golfers to be sun safe and watch your mate’s back.

There’s nothing competitive about sunburn so protect yourself, your mates and your family with the super five skin savers: slip, slop, slap, seek and wrap.

Up to 90% of melanomas are caused by accumulated exposure to UV light from the sun. This means that the best way to stop the spread of melanoma in Australia is be smart when in the sun.

You don’t have to cure cancer to make a difference. one third of melanomas are detected by somebody other than the person they are found on. Partners, friends or family can make a difference. If you notice a change, be a mate and speak up.

This summer, Melanoma Institute Australia is bringing Golf NSW members a simple message: Watch Your Mate's Back!  We should all be aware of what to look for, so that we can help each other detect melanoma in its early stages, before it becomes life threatening.

The first sign of a melanoma is usually the appearance of a new spot or a change in an existing freckle or mole. The change may be in size, shape or colour and is normally noticed over several weeks or months.

Get familiar with your skin, so that you can be aware of any changes that might appear. Do this also for your friends and loved ones, especially noting their back and other areas that they can’t easily see themselves.

Melanoma is deadly serious. It's the most serious form of skin cancer and grows very quickly if left untreated. Once spread to the lower part of your skin (dermis), it can spread to other parts of the body including the lungs, liver, brain. Melanoma makes up 2.3% of all skin cancers, but is responsible for 75% of skin cancer deaths.

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