Date: August 22, 2016
Author: Mike Clayton

Hole 8 – Royal Sydney Golf Club – Par 4

The 8th is another short par four and perhaps a few will take a fly at it with a driver but actually getting onto the green would take a brilliant shot and an extraordinary amount of good fortune.

The hole plays someway uphill – in contrast to the 1st – and the green is protected by a deep swale in the front that runs right up into the edge of the green, two bunkers on the right that leave a nightmare shot for anyone in them and a bunker on the left which is probably the best place to miss the green if you are trying to reach. Just to make sure only the most reckless take a driver the steep bank falling off the back of the shallow green makes getting up and in with two shots a matter of luck.

Most will lay back with a long iron and pitch from sixty or seventy meters and the winner might well expect to play this hole at least a couple under par for the week.

In 1994, the winner Allenby holed his second from about 80 meters for an eagle on Sunday – a valuable cushion he was to need by the end of the round.