Date: December 19, 2012
Author: Sarah Kennedy / Golf Australia

Howlong named 2012 MYGolf Centre of the Year

Congratulations to Howlong Country Golf Club on being named the 2012 MYGolf Centre of the Year! Registered as a centre since May 2011 and winners of the inaugural MYGolf Centre of the Month award in December that same year, Howlong s program has gone from strength to strength in 2012. Located on the Murray River in NSW, they now have had 95 participants register for their program since it began and continue to get approximately 60 to 80 children to each session. According to Club President, Ken Walton, the success of Howlong s MYGolf program can be stemmed directly from three fundamentals: The existence of a well-researched program for juniors supported by the excellent training and support provided by Golf Australia and Jack Newton Junior Golf; The commitment of the Board and membership of the Club to the program; and The dedication of the junior coordinator and the community coaches in delivering the primary message that golf is fun and can be enjoyed at all ages. As President and a community coach, Walton draws great satisfaction from each clinic as he watches the happy faces gather at the post-session barbeque which is donated and cooked by the owner of local business Kennedy s Meats. We are continuing to draw new participants and it is because the fun message is being spread. Our formal after clinic get together acknowledges the best performers in each skill set on the day and allows a full participation over the entire series Walton said. Seeing the improvement in attitude and skill within the groups is a highlight for the coordinators and coaches at Howlong as they see children go from extreme shyness to full participation within a couple of clinics! Howlong believe the greatest beneficiary of the MYGolf program is the sport of golf and the infrastructure it supports and feel that there is no better way for children to learn the game than to do it early, in a fun environment and with their friends. Not content with their current success, the Board representatives and community coaches are already working on the next stage of the junior process by transitioning children from the clinics into the Club and playing environments. The Howlong Board appreciates the message that comes from Golf Australia which ensures the future through the kids of today Walton said. No matter what the future holds for golf the 60 to 80 happy children s faces that enjoy the clubhouse after each MYGolf session has already enriched the Howlong golf club and we are dedicated to ensuring that it continues . Congratulations to Howlong on the success of their program! Click here to read Howlong&aposs nomination entry.