Date: February 19, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Jessica Korda – Thursday transcript

Q: One under, you’ve got to be relatively pleased with that?

A: “Yeah pretty good. Yeah no problem. It was a rough start this morning but a couple of birdies late on the front nine really helped out.”

Q: What’s the difference in conditions out there compared to when you won in ’12?

A: “Basically the golf course is longer. Just starting on a par-five versus starting on a par-four was  a little different. Just the tempo of the round was a little different, got a bad kick here and there, it happens out here. But it was good because I got to stay calm and just power through the round but mostly I think the greens are either slower or they’re firmer. I’m not sure which one of the two it is but they’re definitely not faster, they’re just firmer. Going off on, I think it’s five, you land it on the front of that green and you’re on the back of that green and those putts are, it makes it tough, it definitely does. You really have to count on kind of bouncing it in versus landing it in.”

Q: So the scores don’t surprise you? Kind of what you thought it would be with the wind?

A: “No, definitely not at all. You know, the par-fives are pretty generous and I’m really disappointed I didn’t take better advantage of those and obviously, if you do, it makes the golf course more playable for yourself, give yourself a little bit more of a cushion. So hopefully I can turn that around tomorrow. It’s playing differently also because of the wind and it got warmer as well so the ball started flying further. It’s just a combination of things.”

Q: You’re leading the tour in greens in regulations. Are you feeling pretty good about the way you’re hitting the ball and how many did you hit today?

A: “I don’t know. David Leadbetter and I have been working pretty hard on my swing and trying to getting it a little bit more consistent so nice to see that kind of pay off a little, but hopefully I can get more putts to drop, but a pretty good stat to lead I think.”