Date: February 21, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Karrie Webb & Rachel Hetherington


Q: Back playing with Rachel Hetherington for the first time in five years. What was that like?

Karrie Webb: “It was fun. We we’re joking on the range, because there wasn’t many people there at seven o’clock this morning, that it was ladies Saturday social. We had a good time.”

Q: And Rachel, what’s it like getting back on to the greens with Karrie?

Rachel Hetherington: “Great. Actually, there’s not a lot of players that I know and am familiar with this week so it was great to be out with Karrie. We’ve been trying to catch up for a while so we haven’t been able to do that for dinner this week so I guess we did it on the golf course. 

KW: “And hopefully tomorrow. We shot the same scores.”

Q: And Rachel, you started off birdie-birdie. What did you make of the course this morning as opposed to yesterday?

RH: “It was great to be out early. The greens are great, the course is in great shape and we got out just before some of the wind so good to get off to a good start.”

Q: Karrie, six bogeys yesterday, not the best performance. What was the difference out there today?

KW: “I didn’t have six bogeys.”

RH: “And your playing partner was pretty nice.”

KW: “I had to keep up with Rach, she started off on fire. No, I just didn’t make as many mistakes, didn’t have the putter in my hand as many times as I did yesterday.”

Q: And you got a nice eagle on the 14th as well.

KW: “Yeah, I actually looked like a golfer on that hole.”

Q: What’s the strategy for tomorrow for both of you?

RH: “Strategy, I just want to go and rest my feet. It’s been three days now in a row and I’ve got one more to go. No, I’m actually just going to get home, have a nice afternoon, I have my daughter at home, so have a nice afternoon, early to bed and get out and play well and play solid tomorrow.”

KW: “Well I’m taking my nieces to Luna Park this afternoon and then hopefully a solid day tomorrow. I think today’s the first time I’ve shot under par around Royal Melbourne so it’s a step in the right direction.”

Q: So you’re still confident you can defend that title?

KW: “Oh, I don’t know. I think I’m a long way away from that but just happy to shoot under par today.”