Date: November 29, 2013
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Kew Proves It Can Be Done


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Earlier this year Kew Country Club approached Ray Robbins, JNJG Territory Manager for the Mid North Coast, to discuss ways of improving the participation of local schools in their golf program. After meeting it was decided the Club would individually invite all their local schools to participate in a teacher training session followed by an afternoon on the course for their students. Every school responded positively with an end result of 12 newly trained staff and 234 students playing Wombat Golf from the seven surrounding schools. Every student went home, not only enjoying the experience, but with a small gift pack including a ball and tees and full details of the Club’s cadet program.

Kew’s program was so successful because it had a strong base. The Club had an established Junior Committee, full support of the Board, a large pool of committed volunteers and the will for it to succeed. It is perhaps a model for other clubs to follow in an effort to increase their junior numbers.

The JNJG Schools program has the potential to introduce large numbers of students to golf and the local club, but Clubs must have some structures in place, similar to Kew, in order to get the maximum benefit from the program.

To find out how to get involved contact Jack Newton Junior Golf at A list of Territory Manager Contact Details can also be found in the document link below.