Date: June 22, 2009

Kids revel in Tri Golf

Hundreds of kids have discovered just how cool golf can be with thanks to Tri Golf , a joint initiative between Women&aposs Golf Victoria(WGV), Stuart Appleby Junior Golf(SAJG), and funded by the Victorian Government through Sport and Recreation Victoria. In recent weeks at clubs across Victoria, girls and boys aged 6 to 12 years have been taking part in Tri Golf , a three-tiered golf learning program that gives children an introduction to basic skills, supports them in moving onto the golf course, and encourages their ongoing participation. Tri Golf comprises: 1) a learning phase 2) an on-course phase, and 3) a competition phase. Its success is not necessarily its program structure, but the innovative way in which it s being delivered. We engage the children s imagination through fun games that cleverly develop the skills appropriate in learning the basics of golf technique says Ashley Marshall, SAJG Manager. Tri Golf is effective in getting children to have fun in golf, building their confidence and supporting them to play a modified version of the game in its real environment.” “It’s essential to recognize progress and achievement and to develop a strong social network for them to enjoy , says Marshall. Our golf professionals are fully qualified and experienced in working with kids.” “The retention rate between phases has also been outstanding. For example at Kooringal Golf Club alone, 83 boys and girls participated in the initial learning phase, with 44 still having a ball out on the course . The Victorian Government has backed the initiative through its State Sporting Association Support Grant Scheme, and is a committed partner in the roll-out of the project over the next two years. The initiative is helping to ensure the long term vitality of the sport of golf. The success of Tri Golf provides an additional benefit to Women’s Golf Victoria, says CEO Bronwen Young. This project will strengthen our Girls Golf Network brand. One of WGV s key strategic goals is to position golf as the sport of choice for women and girls of all ages, and in partnering Victoria s junior golf foundation Stuart Appleby Junior Golf, and Victorian Government, we are pooling specialist resources to best achieve this outcome . All equipment is provided and every child receives a cool Tri Golf starter pack. At a very nominal rate per session, participation is easy. Host clubs are thrilled to see so many young children getting involved, and there is an added bonus in that clubs retain the participation fee to further develop their ongoing junior activities. Volunteers are also a key component, and persons interesting in assisting at a voluntary level regardless of their golfing skill, are encouraged to contact WGV. Similarly, in launching Tri Golf , WGV and SAJG welcome interest from corporate organisations to partner the project long term.