Date: April 24, 2015
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Macgregor Primary Hit Magpies Belconnen Golf Club

School's Back!  Term 1 Golf at Macgregor Primary

Macgregor Primary School is tucked away in the West Belconnen region of Canberra, about two kilometres from Magpies Belconnen Golf Course.  They have an energetic and extremely committed PE Teacher, Mr Glen Ridley, who provides exceptional physical activity programs for the whole school.  We suspect Mr Ridley is always keeping an eye out for new and innovative activities for his students.  We have been very fortunate to work with him in providing a unique and memorable experience for his students.

At the end of last year Magpies Belconnen and Jack Newton Junior Golf developed an initiative, which included the provision of teacher professional learning, golf equipment, professional golf coaching and gala day facilities for several schools in their area.  Macgregor Primary has been the first of five schools to visit the club, having run their golf program in specialist PE classes during Term 1.

Mr Ridley, having run the golf program for 180 students in total, selected two groups to visit the golf course for a gala day.  As dynamic as he is, Mr Ridley led the first group up to the golf course on bicycles (part of his school bike program).  There was a small incident for one student with a wheelie bin deciding to get in the way of his bike.  Upon arrival, and after some quick repairs to a grazed knee, all the students were energised and ready to do golf.  The second group used a more traditional form of school transport and caught a bus to the course.

Both gala days included coaching from Head Professional, Jonathan Hickman.  The students were involved in chipping and putting activities and the playing of modified holes on the practice area.  One student had a hole in one and others experienced the frustration of the ball sliding past the hole.  Either way, the excitement was high and shrieks of enjoyment could be heard all over the course.  The students were able to experience the feel of a real putting green, the use of real golf balls, bunkers, hitting long shots from tees and the format of playing holes.  They also learned respect for the golf course and for their playing partners, golf etiquette, scoring, and safety on the golf course.

It has been a pleasure to host the students of Macgregor Primary.  Their keen interest and display of respect for the course, teachers and fellow students was remarkable.  Thank you Macgregor for being a great group to work with.  We look forward to doing this again in 2016.

Magpies Belconnen continue to impress with their commitment to providing a golf experience for students at local schools.  Jonathan Hickman runs golf clinics for children during the week and on the weekends and information about these can be found on the club website or ringing the Pro Shop on (02) 6254 6740.

Thank you also to all those who contributed to the success of the program; Magpies Belconnen Golf Club, JNJG, Mr Ridley and helpers; Paul Thorne, Melita, Allan, Jonathan Hickman, and Captain Mike Fish.

Belconnen Magpies Golf Club