Date: April 27, 2012

Melville Glades awarded April MYGolf Centre of the Month

Melville Glades Golf Club is located in Leeming, Western Australia and has been a registered MYGolf Centre since December, 2010. With a total of 32 participants enrolled in MYGolf, Melville Glades really stepped up their effort in April, signing up 13 new enrolments! The following questions have been answered by Head Professional Ritchie Smith and Teaching Professional Matthew Sturmer. Why do you run a Junior Program? The Perth Golf Academy and Melville Glades Golf Club feel it is an important part of our culture and future to be offering a professionally run junior program. We believe that our juniors exhibit a level of excitement that creates vibrancy around the golf club, and obviously we get personal satisfaction from seeing the players reach their goals. Who runs the program? The Perth Golf Academy Team of Ritchie Smith, Matthew Sturmer and Vernon Sexton-Finck all have coaching rolls in the junior program with Teaching Pro Matthew Sturmer overseeing the day to day logistics of MyGolf. How have you found the MYGolf program and the benefits? Giving the players the opportunity to log in to the MyGolf website and access its skill challenges has been really beneficial. We use this site as a motivating tool for the players and parents. The introduction of a MyGolf Tour organized by GolfWA and MyGolf Centres in Perth has allowed the kids to play on course at a different venue every month. This has worked well with the modified golf games we offer our students weekly. Any tips and ideas you can give to run the program successfully? Be organized! Use all the information and resources MyGolf has available to offer the best program for the players, but also to keep the parents well informed. If you plan to run modified on-course games parent involvement is imperative. Having a parent with each group helps encourage a safe environment and in turn helps promote an opportunity for everyone to learn, parents included.