Date: November 09, 2014

National Camps

High performance camps

Golf Australia conducts camps for all Australian high performance athletes annually. The goal of the camps is to add value to state high performance programs. Camps will provide additional resources and data collection via coaching, sports science, sports medicine and other technical expertise including media training, course management, international travel, periodisation, short game and pre-shot routine.

Golf Australia will invite elite professionals, including rookie squad members, PGA and LPGA Tour members, elite coaches and elite athletes and programs from around the world to attend the camps.

Data collection from the camps will include (but not be limited to):

–        Trackman data

–        SAM putt lab

–        3D screening

–        Psychological profile

–        Physical motor pattern screening

Golf Australia camps will be conducted at various facilities across the country and throughout the world.  Golf Australia will endeavour to provide the best possible resources and informational tools to give athletes the best opportunity to reach their full potential.  The resources and information given to the athletes will be communicated back to their home base coach or HP program via the athlete’s national coach. The camps also provide educational opportunities for coaches as we strive to develop the best coaches in the world.

It is extremely important that the process of duplication is minimised during all camps.

An effective and efficient communication process between the national coaches, high performance programs and the home base coach is extremely important during this process.

This is the most vital part of the camp process as information can be misinterpreted and misguided back to the home base coach and HP program, leading to possible confusion for the athlete. All stakeholders must work together in providing and communicating the information back to each athlete’s service provider team.

State high performance program camps

State high performance programs hold camps throughout the year. These camps add to the athlete’s daily training environment and provide a platform for players to better understand the physical, technical, tactical and emotional requirements needed to be an elite amateur or professional. 

State high performance program “Talent ID” camps

As part of each state’s underpinning program, talent ID camps will be offered to nominated athletes on a regular basis through each of the state high performance programs. These camps are used to identify future program members and provide the state HP program staff an opportunity to introduce to athletes the basic tools and standards that are needed to be a part of the state elite and development programs.