Date: January 30, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

New GA Handicap System: Calculation Method and Anchor

In a new series for the club golfer, we cover all the elements of the new GA Handicap System in a week-by-week feature. In this week&aposs edition we cover the calculation of the handicap and the anchor system. 1. CALCULATION OF GA HANDICAP Best 8 of 20, Multiplied by 0.93 [already in effect] To calculate a player s GA Handicap, you do the following: firstly identify their most recent 20 scores (which are clearly displayed on, then average the Differentials from the best 8 of them (Differential is the calculation of the difference between the player s score and the course rating; it is the value listed in the Played To column on, finally you multiply this average by 0.93, the resultant figure is the player s GA Handicap

2. ANCHOR [already in effect] GOLF Link will automatically prevent a player s GA Handicap from increasing by any more than 4 strokes beyond their best GA Handicap from the previous 12-month rolling period. The Anchor eliminates the capacity for extreme outward movements of GA Handicaps within short spaces of time. As a result, a sustained loss of form does not cause a player s GA Handicap to move too far from a level which is consistent with their underlying ability. The Anchor also makes the handicap system less susceptible to manipulation.