Date: March 15, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

New GA Handicap System: Handicapping of 4-ball Scores and Changed 9-hole and Incomplete Score Regs

9. Handicapping of Four-ball Scores [yet to be implemented] The four-ball handicapping component will be very similar to the current method except for a small amount of fine-tuning. The new system will permit a club to choose not to handicap four-ball scores if they believe their circumstances do not support four-ball handicapping. 10. Changed 9-hole and Incomplete Score Regulations (GOLF Link will store a player s 9-hole score for automatic combination with their next 9-hole score) [yet to be implemented] In designing our new regulations, GA has been particularly mindful of two key points: Firstly, it is important that the GA Handicap System cater for 9-hole scores. This recognises the degree to which some groups of affiliated players have become time-poor. It also recognises those players who for various reasons have a strong preference for 9-hole golf. Secondly, a theme to emerge from the GA consultation program was concern with any regulation that involved the handicapping of scores that had been estimated or extended in more than a small way. The key points of the new regulations for the handicapping of incomplete scores and scores of less than 18 holes are as follows: Where 16-17 holes inclusive have been played, the player will be deemed to have had net par for the remaining holes. The score will be processed as an 18-hole score. Scores returned over 9-15 holes will not be doubled or extended. They will be entered into GOLF Link as 9-hole scores. (Where 10-15 holes inclusive have been played, the first 9 holes played will be used and the remaining holes will be disregarded.) Where only 8 holes have been played, the player will be deemed to have had net par on the 9th hole. The score will be entered into GOLF Link as a 9-hole score. Any score of less than 8 holes will be disregarded. The initial 9-hole score a player returns is to be entered into GOLF Link; it will not immediately be used in the calculation of the player s GA Handicap. It will be automatically held by GOLF Link in the player s handicap record (together with the relevant 9-hole course rating) until another 9-hole score is entered. (Note: Under the new course rating system, all ratings are now stored in the database in 9-hole blocks.) The two 9-hole scores will be combined automatically by GOLF Link to create a single 18-hole score.