Date: March 04, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

New GA Handicap System: Stableford Handicapping Adjustment and Handicapping Conforming Social Scores

7. SHA (Stableford Handicapping Adjustment) [yet to be implemented] For handicapping, all Stroke scores must be converted to, and processed as, Stableford scores. (Where the competition is Stroke, the Stroke score will be the Competition Score; the Stableford Score will be the Handicapping Score.) Any round played under the Par scoring system will be converted by GOLF Link into a Stableford score by adding 36 points to the player s final result (for example GOLF Link will convert a score of 4 down into 32 points; the score of 32 points will be the player s Handicapping Score). If a player is competing in a Stroke or Par competition, their Stableford score is disregarded when assessing Competition placings. The purpose of this regulation is to: Reduce the effect of high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player s potential ability. Make all handicaps as equitable as possible by using a uniform score type for all handicapping. 8. Handicapping of Conforming Social Scores [yet to be implemented] GA s extensive consultation program yielded strongly expressed views from some clubs that they should be permitted to handicap social rounds. Other clubs strongly expressed the view that they should not be obligated to handicap social rounds. It is a key objective of GA to have a handicap system that is sufficiently flexible to cater for those affiliated golfers who wish to play but not in formal competitions. This will facilitate greater participation. It is also a key objective of GA that policy be sufficiently broad to cater for the great diversity of Australian clubs, club environments, and competition and administrative challenges. The new handicap system will permit a social score to be used for handicapping but only if the following conditions are met. Firstly, the player s home club must have chosen to allow the use of social scores; and secondly, the player must have nominated prior to starting a round that it is to count for handicap purposes.