Date: December 12, 2014

New Golf Tasmania Board Members Announced

Following a general meeting of the governing body for the sport conducted in Hobart on Monday 8 December, two new members were appointed to the Board of Golf Tasmania. 

Riverside Golf Club’s Peter Bond and Prospect Vale Golf Club's Don Cameron were both successful in their bids for appointment. 

Golf Tasmania President Tony Bush said “thank you to all the individuals who expressed an interest and submitted nominations.  What a far cry from several years ago when there was little interest in Board positions.” 

“The association received a number of worthy applications and while we were not able to accept them all I would encourage those remaining candidates to consider nominating for future positions on the Board.” 

Bond and Cameron are filling casual vacancies created by the resignation of Llanherne Golf Club’s Mark Jones and Launceston Golf Club’s Chris Bell. 

Current Board members include Tony Bush-Chair (Launceston), Georgette Chilcott (Seabrook), Helen Langenberg (Tasmania) and John Milbourne (Tasmania). 

Bond’s and Cameron’s positions on the Board take effect immediately.