Date: January 08, 2013
Author: Courtesy of Golf Grinder

Nikki Campbell Excited About Rookie LET Year

Australia s fifth highest ranked player, Nikki Campbell, is crediting her week in Morocco at the Ladies European Tour Qualifying School in December for resurrecting her career and love for the game. Campbell said she had given serious consideration to quitting up to that point but after finishing second in Morocco to win her card, she has the excitement of a rookie in her voice and is pinching herself at the opportunity to see Europe for the first time. I d been questioning if I wanted to keep playing golf these last few years. she said. All the travelling, the pressure, I d just had enough but when I got to Europe, I just felt Wow . The change of scenery and new people just felt fresh again. I was getting a bit stale in Japan. I d been there 10 years and although the competition was really strong, I just couldn’t really get motivated. Europe seems pretty friendly and everything is in English, which will be really nice. I think I just needed a change. Most of the time, we want to travel and see as much as we can. Damon (Welsford, her boyfriend and caddie) is coming with me. I ve spent no time over there so it will all be new. I played the British Open once and I went to the Tour School and that s it, so I ve got lots of exploring to do. We re hoping to go to Wimbledon and The Ashes but apparently it s not that easy to get tickets. Having a few weeks spare between events over there will be great because we really want to travel and see a lot while we re there too. I can t wait! She won t be tempted to fill in any spare weeks on the LET schedule with a few quick forays up to Japan either. I don t have any status in Japan anymore. I could have taken up membership of their Step Up Tour but I just decided I wanted a clean start in Europe and focus there. Campbell said that starting her rookie LET season here in Australia and New Zealand, on courses and against players that she is largely familiar, is perfect and she’s hoping for a few good weeks to head over to Europe on a high. As a native of Canberra, she’s also excited and proud that her home club, Royal Canberra, is hosting the world s best at the Women’s Australian Open in February as part of Canberra s Centenary celebrations. Beyond that though, she’s not sure what to expect or of how successful she might be in 2013. I know the standard over there is quite high but I honestly don t know what to expect. I d love to win an event but I don t know if that s a realistic goal until I get over there. I ll just try and play well and see where it takes me. Joanne Mills is going to give me some advice about travelling over there when we catch up at the New Zealand tournament but I haven t really caught up with anyone else. They re all so helpful so I m sure they ll have some tips for me. I m hoping to relax a bit more and have more fun. Still take the golf seriously but get away from it a bit more, see the countries and have a laugh and enjoy life a bit more.