Date: April 22, 2010

NSW wins Australian Girls’ Interstate Teams Matches

New South Wales has broken a nine year runner up hoodoo to win the 2010 Australian Girls Interstate Teams Matches at Ulverstone Golf Club in Tasmania. The winners won all their contests including three of the five by a 5-0 score line, wrapping up the victory to lift the Burtta Cheney Cup. Chantal Hodson won 4&2, Carly Beck won 1up, Claudia Lim won 5&4, Jordana Keaton won 8&6 and Cathleen Santoso benefited from a walkover to seal the final 5-0 success. Hodson, Beck and Lim remained undefeated for the entire championship. The New South Wales team had moved into a virtually unassailable position after posting commanding contest wins over Queensland and South Australia on Monday. Victoria finished in second place following an equally impressive 5-0 win over South Australia on the final day. Led by the undefeated Tilly Poulsen, the Victorians maintained their overnight position as Poulsen, Reanna Matthews, Julienne Soo, Montana Strauss and Britney Mueck all recorded strong wins to finish ahead of Queensland. Queensland, who won the title at Alice Springs Golf Club in 2009, finished in third place following a narrow 3-2 win over Western Australia with Emily McLennan (QLD) again victorious. The Queensland team had previously won four of the past six Australian Girls Interstate Teams Matches titles. Western Australia, who last won the title in 2005 at Glenelg Golf Club, finished in fourth place following the defeat to Queensland despite individual wins for Minjee Lee and Hayley Bettencourt. South Australia finished in fifth place after their tough 5-0 loss against Victoria. The Tasmanian girls endured a challenging week winning one match and finishing in seventh place. STANDINGS AFTER ROUND 5 (of 5) (P = Position; C = Contests; M = Matches) P C M 1. 5 22 New South Wales 2. 3 16 Victoria 3. 3 14 Queensland 4. 2 14 Western Australia 5. 1 7 South Australia 6. – 1 Tasmania