Date: June 07, 2016
Author: Mark Hayes

O’Malley appointed PGA chairman

Champion Australian golfer Peter O'Malley is the new chairman of the PGA of Australia's board of directors.

O’Malley replaces renowned professional and businessman Mark Gibson, who stepped down after two full terms as chairman over the past six years.

O’Malley has been a much-respected member of the PGA Tour of Australasia since 1987 and a board member since 2010.

Widely respected for both his playing prowess and approachable demeanour, O’Malley’s appointment was unanimous and strongly supported by his fellow PGA professionals.

“I am incredibly proud to be a PGA professional, so to be chairman of the board of directors of the PGA is an honour,” O’Malley said.

“Guiding the PGA and ensuring the long-term health of the Australian golf industry is a responsibility I do not take on lightly.

“I have been afforded many great opportunities over the years and by serving on the board, now as chairman, I hope I can continue contributing to a positive future for PGA professionals and can give a little back to the broader industry.”

O’Malley has competed around the world with his resume including wins on the European Tour at the 1992 Scottish Open, 1995 International Open and 2001 English Open.

On his home Tour, O’Malley’s victories include the 1995 New Zealand Open, 1998 Canon Challenge, 2002 Clearwater Classic, 2005 New Zealand Open Championship and 2010 New South Wales Open.

O’Malley, 50, extended his gratitude Gibson.

“Throughout his career, Mark has been instrumental in growing the game, particularly at his home base on the Gold Coast,” O’Malley said.

“Over the past six years he has guided the PGA through a large period of change. Through his chairmanship, Mark has given back to our game and industry in many ways and the board, PGA management and his fellow professionals are very grateful for his service.”

Joining the PGA's board of directors in vacated position is Bruce Green, revered head professional at Royal Melbourne.

Appointed as deputy chairman, the position previously held by O’Malley, is Dave Stretton, who joined the board in 2016.

The comprises member directors O’Malley (chairman), Stretton (deputy chairman), Michael Long and Bruce Green, while James Erskine, Richard Lazar, Richard Allely and Brad Gale serve as independent directors.