Date: April 08, 2016
Author: Dave Tease, Golf NSW

PGA star adds to squad experience

The JNJG Performance Squad has had an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand what the life of a touring professional is about and how to prepare for tournament play from PGA Tour of Australasia tournament winner, 2015 NZ Open Champion, Jordan Zunic.

Zunic joined the talented junior golfers at a recent training camp at Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club and went through a lot about what he has learnt in the 12 months or so since turning professional.

“It's fantastic for the kids to hear his story, what life is like on tour and what they can expect,” said Khan Pullen, Player Development manager for JNJG, and assistant manager of the NSW Boys state team. “He’s given them some great advice.”

The squad is preparing for Australian Junior Championships and Girls and Boys Interstate series to be held later this month in Tasmania. They spent the day practicing and playing with the former Golf NSW star.

The questions asked ranged from how much travel does he have to do, what does he expect to learn in a practice round, what sort of information does he write down in his yardage books, even what does he like to eat on the golf course while he is playing.

Pullen believes the team members will gain a lot by hearing from Zunic about the demands of professional sport that he has encountered, and finding out what may be in store for themselves as they develop as golfers and look towards a career in the game.

“Hopefully they can draw on Jordan’s experiences and if they can take on board what he’s telling them about things he’s learnt then it’s almost like they’ve had the same experience,” Pullen said. “It has that bit of wow factor to them as well I guess.”

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Concord Golf Club’s Jason Hong was thrilled with the experience.

“JOrdan's advise has really helped my game, learning not just how important practice is, but practicing the right way; not just wasting time, how I’ve got to try to get something out of it all the time,” Hong said.

Pullen was thankful for Zunic’s commitment to the squad and is hopeful that hearing it first hand may help fast track their development.

“Some of things they’ve been told a few times before, but with somebody of Jordan’s stature in the game within our state I’m sure it will hold. How he’s building his golf career now adds that buy in factor for these kids.”

“Jordan was one of these kids only four or five years ago. They realise that they are walking in his foot steps right now. It’s fantastic that he is willing to give back to golf in NSW and help those that are coming up behind him,” Pullen smiled.