Date: November 29, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

Richard Green Round 2 Press Conference Transcript

RICHARD GREEN HAMISH JONES: Richard, thank you for coming in. A solid start yesterday and a better round today. Talk us through it. RICHARD GREEN: It was a very nice day. I&aposve been struggling a little bit of late with my game and changed a few things, changed my clubs, changed my driver; just about everything this week and it&aposs just started to show some good signs again. I haven&apost hit shots like I have the last two days for a long time, probably about three years. It&aposs building, confidence is building. Fortunately I had that shot on the par 3 sixth today was, it was a flush golf shot. It&aposs nice to build a bit of confidence from hitting good shots again. HAMISH JONES: Were there good signs for you earlier in the week in practice around Royal Sydney? RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I love coming to Royal Sydney. It&aposs my favourite course up here. I&aposve done well here before. It just seems to fit a little bit. It fits my game, how far I hit the golf ball at least. I just like the feel of the place, so it&aposs good. Q. What club was it for the ace? RICHARD GREEN: Eight. I think it was about 157 yards or something like that, which was I suppose just with the conditions, there&aposs a little bit of wind off the left and it suited the draw in there and just got it, perfect. Q. Just two quick ones. Have you hit many aces before and can you just talk us through the change of clubs? Are you back to an old set or are they a brand new set? RICHARD GREEN: No, it&aposs a brand new set of Titleist AP2s and I&aposve been using some Callaways this year and using some old clubs throughout the year, messing around trying to get the feeling right. There&aposs been such a change in equipment over the last five years, five to 10 years, the golf ball&aposs harder. My old equipment doesn&apost work with the new golf balls. I&aposve found a set of golf clubs now that makes it feel good and I&aposm getting the feedback through the golf shot that I want to do, which builds confidence, which is what all of us golfers are trying to do, use equipment that helps you play as well as you possibly can and I feel like I&aposm getting there. It&aposs good. Q. Have you had any aces before? RICHARD GREEN: Three that I can recall. I had one in the New Zealand Open years ago, one in the American Express Tournament I think it was, one of the world golf championships in San Francisco probably about nine years ago now is the last one and then this one is the one I can remember. I think the other couple that I&aposve had have just been in social golf. They&aposre always nice to get. Q. Richard, just as a follow up to that, what sort of prizes have you received for those hole in ones? RICHARD GREEN: Nothing, unfortunately nothing. I had a bit of a quick glance around to see if there was a car or something there but no, unfortunately [LAUGHS]. In New Zealand I was a day short of $100,000 or something. But anyway, it&aposs just the luck of it, isn&apost it? Q. Which leads me to my next question because there&aposs a Volvo V8 up for grabs on the 14th. I&aposm just wondering what you would do as a Holden fan with a Volvo V8? RICHARD GREEN: I&aposd take it, they&aposre running in the V8 Supercars next year, so that would be alright [LAUGHS]. Q. Richard how does it feel going into the weekend in the Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy territory? It&aposs a deep field and they are probably going to be at the top by the end of today, depending on what happens this afternoon? How does that feel? RICHARD GREEN: It&aposs going to be stiff competition for anyone I think in Rory McIlroy being world number one and everybody knows the sort of golf he can play and he&aposs up there, and Adam is obviously in just incredible form and chasing that world number one spot. I think he&aposll do it eventually. It&aposs going to be very difficult and I&aposm certainly going to have to play the golf of my life to try and keep up with them. Q. Richard, there&aposs a real buzz about golf right now, isn&apost there? You&aposve been out here for about 20 years or so now. What do you feel of what&aposs happening in golf at the moment, in this country I mean? RICHARD GREEN: It&aposs a definite generation change. Adam&aposs filling Greg Norman&aposs shoes. He&aposs on his way to doing that. I already think the crowds that surround him and the popularity that surrounds him with the golf here this season is like it was when Greg Norman was playing with us. He&aposs going to get there, Adam, I believe that and I think the Australian people believe that and people that follow golf. It&aposs just a bit of a generation change. There&aposs the likes of Adam doing well, Jason Day, some of these younger names that are performing in golf and it&aposs great to see. It&aposs tougher for some of the guys in my age group, the Stuart Applebys, Robert Allenbys, sort of aren&apost performing at the moment, but they&aposre all quite capable. Like I said, it just seems to be a bit of a generation change. Q. What is your status in Europe at the moment? Did you hold your card okay this year? RICHARD GREEN: I wouldn&apost have held my card had it gone off the money list last year, but I&aposve had enough to earn enough over the course of my career to have career money. Q. Is that the one and only exemption for career money, is it? RICHARD GREEN: No, in Europe you can use it, as long as you&aposre in top 40. I was unaware of that until about the Dunhill Links Tournament this year and when they told me you could use it as long as you&aposre in the top 40 I was pretty relieved [LAUGHS]. Q. What number are you sitting at the moment? RICHARD GREEN: About 37 I think, so it&aposs close but it&aposs far enough in there to give me a couple of seasons I would have thought. Q. Your last win I guess was the Masters here wasn&apost it? RICHARD GREEN: Portugal Masters is the last one I won over there. Q. Sometime ago. RICHARD GREEN: Which was 2010 and then prior to that was Austria in 2007 and then obviously the Masters was 2004, so it&aposs a long time ago since a win on home soil. The three big tournaments here in Australia are high on the list. I&aposm not getting any younger and I&aposve got to work as hard as I can to try and do as good as I can to try and win. It&aposs going to be tough. Q. We all know what happens when somebody gets an ace in social play. Is there a similar thing with the pro circuit, do you have to stand a few beers or anything like that? RICHARD GREEN: [LAUGHS] I know that&aposs the case in America, you&aposve got to shout the bar and things like that, but I would have thought hopefully everybody buys me a beer here [LAUGHS]. HAMISH JONES: thank you very much for coming in Richard. Good luck on the weekend. RICHARD GREEN: Thanks.