Date: October 08, 2014

Rookie Program

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Producing golfers who are capable of winning major championships, Olympic medals and top-100 world ranking positions are the most effective means to boost participation and attract funding to golf in Australia, because of the publicity such success attracts. If our athletes can reach their full potential, we believe Australia will enjoy continued and sustained success on the world stage.

As high performance is the face of participation, the growth of the game from grassroots to the professional level is the driving influence behind a national program. 



The rookie program comprises male and female professionals with no stipulation on the number program members; the definition of a Golf Australia rookie squad member includes any player in the final six months of their amateur career until the end of their fifth year of professional golf. The Golf Australia high performance program has been expanded to allow a number of young professionals to receive the levels of support that have previously been unachievable.

Successful applicants will each receive a rookie scholarship that is offered for a period of one year. Fully funded Golf Australia rookies will receive up to AUD $100,000 in reimbursed funding to cover expenses.  Partial scholarships may also be offered.

There are essentially two funding streams with which the scholarship will assist:

1. Training and preparation

This is to support players with coaching, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, sports psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc.

Through the rookie program, Golf Australia will pay the agreed costs which are part of the player’s annual plan with no requirement for them to repay any of those costs. Players may use their own service team or seek Golf Australia’s support in setting up their preferred service providers.

2. Competition and travel

This is to support the player’s competition and travel expenses that can include but not limited to: airfares, accommodation, entry fees, caddie fees, etc. Through the rookie program, Golf Australia will pay the agreed costs which are part of the player’s annual plan.


Application process

1. Complete rookie squad application form (to be submitted in January)
2. All applications assessed by Golf Australia selection committee
3. All applicants will receive a response in January
4. Rookie squad will be announced in February


Criteria for consideration (rookie program)

– Be an Australian citizen
– Have a successful amateur record at national and international level
– Be in the final six months of their amateur golf careers
– Have turned professional within the past five years
– Have in place a team of service providers
– Be hard working and highly self-motivated to achieve their objectives
– Submit a full business plan (see application)
– Exceptional time management and organisational skills
– Competing on a recognised professional golf tour (Tours include but are not limited to USPGA, LPGA, European Tour, Ladies European Tour, Tour, JLPGA, Asian Tour, Japan Tour, Symetra Tour, PGA Tour China, Canada & Latin America, Australasian Tour, ALPG Tour)
– Submit a GA rookie squad application form by the due date


Expectations of scholarship holders:

– Abide by the Golf Australia athlete “Code of Ethics” and by such codes of their professional organisations/tours
– Abide by the Golf Australia rookie contract

During the selection and renewal process for a Golf Australia rookie scholarship, the following criteria will be taken into consideration by the Golf Australia selection committee:

– Results
– World ranking
– Tour status/pathway
– Statistics
– Playing evaluation
– Athlete development processes
– Organisation/management/life skills
– Is the athlete tracking towards program objectives?