Date: November 28, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

Ryan Yip Round 1 Greensde Transcript

RYAN YIPRound 1 Greenside Interview Transcript Q. Do you know that you actually equalled the course record? RYAN YIP: No idea. Q. And you&aposre still behind. RYAN YIP: Obviously I played really well. I putted well and hit some really good shots today. I&aposm happy with how I played. Q. Does this course suit you? RYAN YIP: It does. Last time I was in Australia it was more like a Florida golf course, so a place like this, I&aposm happy to be here. I like to see the ball running and that&aposs what this course offers me. Q. This is your first trip to Oz isn&apost it, the PGA series? RYAN YIP: Yeah. Q. Are you came back here? RYAN YIP: I went home, went back to the States and came back. I worked on a few things with my swing and it started to come round. Q. Ryan, imagine shooting 7, any other day you would probably go into the lead with that? RYAN YIP: I played well, that&aposs all I can do. I can&apost control anyone else, so I&aposm just happy with how I played. Q. Did you look up at the leaderboard at any stage and see Scottie&aposs name up there and just think wow? RYAN YIP: Yeah, absolutely. He&aposs number two in the world for a reason and he showed it today. Q. Was there any particular aspect of your game today that you played particularly well? RYAN YIP: Just overall. I controlled the ball well in the wind. The first six holes were pretty easy because it was calm and then the last little bit it got windy and it was gusting, so I kept the ball flight down and I was able to control my ball, which I was really happy with. Q. Have you kind of crossed paths with Adam during the week or do you guys know each other? RYAN YIP: No, no idea. Q. Have you spoken to him? RYAN YIP: I guarantee though– Q. You&aposll really know him by the end of the week? RYAN YIP: Hopefully. Q. Ryan, can you give a bit of background about yourself for some of these guys who might not know you, where you&aposre from? RYAN YIP: I&aposm originally from Canada. I grew up playing golf in Calgary, went to the States, played College golf at Kent State University, which is in Ohio. I currently live in California and Ohio, I go back and forth. So that&aposs me. I had status the last two years. I struggled out there a little bit and just have OneAsia status now. I&aposm playing all over the world. I enjoy travelling and playing golf. Q. There&aposll probably be people who see the scores and think the tournament&aposs over when Adam has a 10 under. Would you like to suggest that? RYAN YIP: Hopefully I&aposm not thinking that way but every Aussie is. I hope I&aposll play well the rest of the week. Q. [Inaudible] and start another day tomorrow, you&aposve got to think he was better today? RYAN YIP: Yeah, I&aposve just got to control myself and control my emotions and make as many putts as I can and just keep it in play, limit the mistakes and make some birdies. Q. Thanks mate. RYAN YIP: Cheers.