Date: May 20, 2016
Author: Christian Puccini

SA Pennant – Pauline Sanderson and Fiona Pike honored

In 2016 the revamped Women’s A1 Pennant competition has been named the ‘Sanderson Cup’ after Pauline Sanderson who was a noted player and administrator and a member and pennant player for both Glenelg and Kooyonga Golf Club where she won numerous titles.

The Women’s A2 Pennant competition has also been re-titled the ‘Pike Cup’ after the late Fiona Pike who was a South Australian professional golfer who played on the LPGA, LET and ALPG tours for over 13 years.

Pauline Sanderson

Pauline who was inducted into the SA Golf Hall of Fame in 2012 was surprised when advised the Cup was to be named after her.

“I got a shock actually when Chris [Luz-Raymond, CEO of Golf SA] phoned me.” Pauline said.

When asked about the importance of Pennant, Pauline said Pennant was a vital component of player development within clubs.

“Really when you start to play golf at a club you strive to play A Pennants, well that’s how we started anyway.”

“I feel very honored, because it was the trophy we all played for in my time and we all strived to win it for our club. To have it named after you, there were a lot of other girls who played as well, so I feel that to be singled out, is well, something I can’t explain actually.” Pauline added.

Pauline’s career highlights include: Kooyonga Club Champion, Runner Up in the State Amateur Championship on 2 occasions, 4 time State Foursomes Champion, 4 time State [Mixed] Foursomes Champion.

Pauline was a State Team Member for 17 years, and then took on the role of State Non Playing Captain, a title she held for 12 years. All in all, Pauline committed 29 years to the Women’s State Team.

At State Level, at Women’s Golf SA, Pauline was a State Selector for an amazing 36 years, Chair of Selectors for 10 years, a Council Representative for 16 years, Junior and Senior Vice President and President of Women’s Golf SA for 2 years from 1990 – 1992. At an Australian level, Pauline’s was appointed as Australian Team Captain for various international series from 1985-1996.

At the highest level at the Ladies Golf Union / Women’s Golf Australia Pauline was

• Council Rep for 6 years from 1987-1992
• Vice President for 4 years
• On the Finance Committee for 6 years
• Australian Selector for 11 years from 1984-94, including 5 years as Chair
• National President for 4 years from 1994-98.

Pauline has been awarded:

• An Australian Sports Award – for outstanding performance in 1983 – as Captain of the wining Australian Team in Canada.
• Life Membership at Kooyonga in 1992.
• Life Membership of Women’s Golf SA in 1995
• And an Australian Sport Medal in the year 2000

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Fiona Pike was a South Australian professional golfer who played on the LPGA, LET and ALPG tours for more than 13 years.

Prior to this as an Amateur golfer, Fiona won the SA Amateur Championship in 1993 and 1994 and many other local tournaments. Fiona was a member of Blackwood Golf Club and Pennant player.

Fiona's professional career highlights included one ALPG Tour victory, four Top-3 finishes on the Ladies European Tour (including T3 at 1999 Women’s British Open, T2 at the 1996 Italian Open to Laura Davies) and four Top-15 finishes on the LPGA. 

Fiona had the game to mix it with the best golfers in the world. 

In 2005, shortly after retiring from her 13-year professional golfing career, Doctors found a deep skull-based tumour.

The following year, as team coach, Fiona led the South Australian amateur team to their first victory in 70 years at the 2006 Gladys Hay Memorial Interstate series. It was a great occassion, with the team later being awarded the SA Sports team of the year.

In 2006 the deep skull-based tumour was eventually diagnosed as melanoma. Even though her tumour did not present as a skin lesion that could have been screened, tested or detected, more than 99 per cent of melanomas do present on the skin surface.

Fiona underwent a major operation to cut out much of the tumour followed by intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy, however the cancer spread to other parts of her body. Tragically, after a brave and stoic three year battle she passed away in March 2009.

She contributed to the fight against cancer with determination and enthusiasm. Her legacy continues with campaign activities to raise awareness of protective behaviours that reduce the incidence of skin cancers.

Fiona’s achievements are an enduring testimonial and she leaves the following message:

“I don’t want anyone to experience this terrible disease. The typical Aussie outdoor lifestyle means we are all at significantly increased risk of skin cancer and we need to be vigilant in protecting our skin and checking for changes. This mostly preventable disease can be picked up early by checking your own skin and having changes seen by a doctor. Please join my campaign and reduce skin cancer risks to all”.

The Fiona Pike Skin Cancer Awareness in recent years has worked in partnership with the ALPG to raise skin cancer awareness and funds for Cancer Council at ALPG events