Date: June 20, 2015
Author: Mark Hayes @ US Open

Smith takes Open drama in stride

Amid all the stars, a quiet, lithe blond Queensland kid with a cheeky streak a mile wide.

Immediately after Cam Smith’s second consecutive 70 today left him even par and tied 17th heading into the weekend of his first major, he was whisked into host broadcaster Fox’s studios.

These people need to know about the Golf Australia rookie squad member because they realise that, sooner or later, he’s going to be a force.

Smith matched three birdies with three bogeys, but came off the course as unfazed as a veteran of 1000 US Opens, not his first.

So you’re feeling comfortable, Cam?

“Yeah. Just treat it as another tournament, doing my stuff out on the course,” he said.

“I think once you get into the zone it sort of doesn't really matter anyway.”

But how does one find that zone in the glare of the golfing world’s brightest spotlights on such a brutal course?

“Just hitting shots. You just get out there, get into a rhythm and then everything around sort of doesn't really matter, you're just hitting shots. That's kind of how.”

Smith said on Tuesday his mission was to shoot four par rounds and hopefully contend.

So far, that’s right on the money.

“I’mpretty happy. I could have made a few more putts today, but all in all even par around here, you have to be happy with it,” he said.

And the big crowds are a bonus, not a hindrance, it seems.

“Yeah, it's an amazing experience having the big roars when you hit a good shot. And it's sort of never really happened before. It's a new experience, but it's a pretty cool one.

“I get a few, `Go Camerons’ every now and then. So, yeah, I think (people arecrecognising me).”

Yes, Cam. Yes they are.

And if this keeps up, they won’t be in the minority much longer.