Date: July 13, 2009

Sport dishes up a healthy lifestyle

The Australian Sports Commission s Active After-school Communities (AASC) program has partnered with Diabetes Australia to create Turning to Sport for Good Health, a national campaign that educates children about the risk of diabetes and the major role that sport plays in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. The Turning to Sport for Good Health campaign will be launched in every state and territory during National Diabetes week (12 17 July) and will see children participate in a wide range of activities that demonstrate the health benefits of sport. As well as the usual AASC sport sessions, sport gala days will be held in all states and territories from 17 to 28 August. AASC participants will be passing balls, Frisbees, relay batons and other sporting equipment, up to 1.5 million times: one pass for every Australian with diabetes*. Approximately 275 people develop diabetes each day in Australia (enough to fill the MCG every year!) but research shows that by increasing our activity levels, such as by playing sport regularly, and changing our eating habits, we can greatly lower our risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The AASC program plays a big part in increasing the activity levels and health of Australian children. Each week, 150 000 primary school students experience fun, safe and inclusive introductions to over 70 different sports and 20 other structured physical activities, helping them to develop a life-long love of playing sport and inspiring them to join a local club. For more information and to get involved visit *Estimate provided by Diabetes Australia.