Date: January 16, 2011

Swept away in the tide

REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT OF BRISBANE GOLF CLUB 14th January 2010 Members and Associates, The last few days have been extraordinary and our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have lost so much – to those members and associates who have incurred losses, on behalf of the Club, I express our sympathies and give our best wishes for your recovery. If there are any members and associates who require assistance or can give assistance please contact the Club and we will do what we can. In relation to the Club in particular, I inspected the course on the afternoon of Thursday the 13th January and all I can say is the devastation is indescribable. I have tried to give word pictures to members of the committee and I am certain that I failed to provide a description worthy of the damage. Suffice to say, the course resembled an inland sea, not a lake but a sea. For example, from the top of the first fairway I looked toward the first green and all I could see was water towards Archerfield. It was a similar experience from the top of the old 12th; water everywhere. There was no indication that a golf course was under the water. Those of you who were members and associates in 1974, of which I was not one, would know what I am trying to describe which is the indescribable. Simply put – the place is a mess. To add to the difficulties, the Club is presently without power. That s the bad news the good news is that the only way now is forward. At the appropriate time (on the web-site and when power is restored, via email) General Manager, Simon Parker will be calling on the membership for volunteers to assist Ben Cavanagh and his team in the huge cleanup operation that is required. This will involve removal of debris (I saw someone s kitchen table on the course), slush and mud from the greens and tees etc – if you are able to help for an hour, a few hours or a day please advise the Club. I suggest you bring with you gum boots, gloves, protective clothing, and insect repellent. As to when the course will be open for play even with tee up is unknown. Please keep checking the web-site. The financial cost to the Club is immense. When motorised carts are not permitted on the course, the cost to the Club is in the vicinity of $3,000 per day (which we have been incurring since October). So, without any play at all, the cost is huge. Members and Associates, your committee will now determine a plan for the future that will involve rectification of the current damage and how we will progress. Once this is finalised I will advise you. This will obviously involve a reorganisation of our current budget and 5 year business plan. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact Simon Parker or myself. Good golfing (in the future) David Prince President