Date: May 06, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

Sydney golfer shoots two aces on front nine

Brad McDonald says he&aposs still sitting at work chuckling after recording two aces and an eagle last weekend on the front nine at his home course at Long Reef Golf Club in Sydney. He writes: It was very hard to concentrate after the second one. I think my handicap is anchored 5 at present so that gives you and idea as to the state of my game. Conditions were perfect on Saturday morning, I hit 7 iron into the 2nd which pitched 20 feet pin high right and came left off the bank and in the side door. On the 7th I hit 6 iron which pitched 3 feet short took a small hop past the hole and spun back in. On 9 I hit driver, 5 iron to 3 feet and made the putt for eagle. Not sure if I need to mention what followed, but it was the most interesting 78 I&aposve had. I&aposve never been so happy to have 7 over. It&aposs hard to describe the way it felt, it was all a little surreal. I was playing with three good mates, who were all stoked for me. What a great way to spend a day. The news seemed to spread pretty quickly, there was a great atmosphere at the club all day. I&aposm still chuckling to myself at work and imagine I will be for a few days yet. Courtesy: Byron Shire News TWEED amateur golfer Jan Walker has achieved a 67 million to one feat, achieving two hole-in-ones in a single round of golf. A hole-in-one is quite an elusive achievement, let alone two, with many golfers struggling against the odds to score an &aposace&apos. Mrs Walker scored the double ace Thursday 2 May at Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Golf Club on the 10th and 17th hole on the River Course. “She was very quiet about it, she went straight home and we couldn&apost do anything on the day,” golf club general manager Phillip Dark said. “When the lady present told me, she couldn&apost get her in on the day because she had left.” Mr Dark was stunned and said that the mind-boggling achievement may have even been a world first, or a record. “It&aposs just fabulous, you just don&apost get two,” he said. “You might get a couple of hole-in-ones several months apart, but nothing like this.” “The odds of the women getting them are even less, we have fewer lady members.” Mr Dark said most amateur golfers never get a hole-in-one and he had never heard of two. “I&aposve never had one, let alone had two in one day,” he said. The ladies of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Golf Club will be presenting Mrs Walker with a trophy to recognise her remarkable game tomorrow at the club.