Date: October 20, 2015
Author: Golf Victoria

Ways to get into golf

Golf, the game for life… is a great way to socialise, keep active, enjoy the outdoors and play a sport from a very early age to a grand old age.

Always thought about it but unsure how to get involved?

There are a number of ways to start your golfing journey and for most people it usually starts with a family or friend introduction.

Driving ranges and public golf courses are generally the first step in the process. Easily accessible and open to the general public makes them the obvious choice for many to enjoy attempting a hit. Most public courses and driving ranges have beginner programs which are perfect for introducing the fundamentals such as full swing, chipping, putting and driving.

You could also try Big Hole golf, a newer concept where the holes are a larger size making for easier putting the ball into the hole. We know how frustrating it is to arrive at the hole in two or three shots and then take another three or four putts to complete the hole! A really clever concept which is fun for the whole family.

If you’re interested in keeping fit Swing Fit is for you. Swing Fit is the national female program designed to combine exercise and golf and encourage female participation in the sport. While participating you will learn about golf health, fitness and skill development all whilst among other female participants in a fun and engaging social environment.

Another good option is virtual golf, a simulated golf game. No more losing balls in the rough or water anymore! Simulated golf games are set up with many different course from around the world all for your convenience in the one place. No pressure here to impress anyone watching as you have your own bay in which to practice your shots. Track the ball to see how far you hit and how accurate you are. Again, fun for all the family and no walking involved.

Any way you start your golfing journey is a good one. Cost wise, you don’t need to spend lots to start off. You can hire clubs or there are plenty of golf houses that sell second hand or used stock at very reasonable prices. These will last you until you start to play more consistently and more competitively. Public course membership is affordable to start with and if you visit the Find a Facility page, you might just catch a bargain with a number of clubs offering membership discounts during GOLF MONTH.

No matter how you begin, you’ll be hooked once you start! Golf is a great game and also…the game for life!

Happy golfing.