Date: October 19, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

World Urban Golf Day IX

Kicking off across the country as part of GOLFMONTH, Urban Golf Australia took on its greatest challenge yet holding events in 3 states to celebrate the growth of Urban Golfing around Australia and through the world.

So far events have been held in Newcastle, Toowoomba and Perth where hundreds of golfers both new and old shunned traditional forms of on-course golf to play through the streets completing challenges far removed from anything you would picture when thinking about golf as-you-know it. The biggest event was held in Newcastle with 80 players participating in a full day of activities including a huge 18 hole street course followed up by chipping challenges and then live bands and DJ’s well into the night.

There were a few sore heads the next day but everyone had a great time and more than a few golfers who hadn’t played for years were able to rediscover their drive for the game. The Toowoomba event consisted of a series of challenges made available through the famous Kwong Sang Walk in the heart of the CBD for anyone walking past. There were quite a lot of wayward shots as players were asked to do various things such as play rebound shots, clear the roof and also put on the dreaded beer goggles which are a blurry set of goggles designed to emulate the challenges of playing intoxicated.

As the WA event occurred on the same day as the AFL grand final players chose a course that would include into play the numerous pubs through the Fremantle area. Everyone was able to follow the score of the game while chipping through the streets and turning more than their fair share of heads. To finish off the month the last event will be held on October 30th on the foreshore in Cairns. Keeping with the holiday theme in Cairns many of the players who have already signed up are backpacking around the country from all corners of the globe making this a truly international event.

As Urban Golfing continues to grow around the country and the world we can look forward to many more of these events leading up to Australia’s involvement in the European Urban Golf Cup in 2016 in Amsterdam as special guests and in the next few years being a part of the inaugural World Urban Golf Cup. Exciting times for a sport which continues to challenge perceptions of sport and authority in an increasingly digital modern world.