Date: September 12, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Competition winner announced

John Hoare from Pakenham in Victoria is the winner of our 'Complete survey, WIN a driver' competition.

John's winning answer to the question ‘Tell us what you love about golf’ said it all.

That golf is the only sport that you are player, partner, competitor and the umpire all in one. It tells you about yourself, your make up, integrity and how you interact with other human beings, it has origins that in some places date back hundreds of years but in essence still revolve around hitting a said ball into a cup on an area called a green usually at the end of a numbered fairway in a sequence of order with the least amount of swings, hits, shots.  Its a game that we play and most of us strive to master but don’t but importantly are custodians for the next generation.


Courtesy of our great friends at Cobra Puma Golf, John wins King F6 Limited Edition driver.

Congratulations John and enjoy.