Date: February 19, 2018
Author: Dave Tease

Cool Coffs shows its best

The Coffs Coast showed itself off to the world as some of the stars of the Ladies European Tour touched down for their first taste of Bonville Golf Resort.

And it wasn't just the fantastic condition of the course that had some of the early arrivals raving.

Christine Wolf, Chloé Leurquin, Casey Danielson and Camille Chevalier got to see first-hand what the region has to offer with a trip to the stunning Sealy Lookout followed by a pit stop at Coffs Harbour’s iconic Big Banana.

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"Our host family picked us up from the airport and drove us around the bay, and it was super breathtaking," Austria’s Christine Wolf said.

Chloé Leurquin agreed. "Coffs looks beautiful. You get the forest and the sea. You get it all, basically,"

Wisconsin native Casey Danielson was in awe of the view from the Sealy point lookout, adding that on first impressions she hadn’t been disappointed by the city.

"The lookout was really cool, looking out across the town and how close it is to the water, so it's really fun to experience Coffs Harbour."

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After taking in the breathtaking views, the group couldn't pass on the opportunity to sample the region's quirkiest dish, a chocolate-covered frozen banana. When asked about her first impression, Danielson said it didn't disappoint.

"It's very refreshing with the peanuts, and I’m a big chocolate fan, so it's a perfect dessert," she smiled.

Camille Chevalier was pleasantly surprised by the dish, "The frozen banana was delicious, and I didn’t expect that!"

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Earlier, the women had got a first taste of the impressive Bonville layout, and all of them were impressed with the course’s beauty. Leurquin and Wolf had practised early and offered high praise for the layout.

"We played a few holes this morning, and we were in awe," Wolf said.

"The course looks amazing with huge trees, and the course is in perfect condition. It’s like a little garden. It’s beautiful," Leurquin added.

When asked about Bonville's comparisons to Augusta National, Danielson, who played Augusta while studying at Stanford, said you could see similarities.

"I can see some similarities in the look of it," she smiled.