Date: December 19, 2016
Author: Golf Tasmania

Golf Tasmania Newsletter – December 2016

Hello to the Tasmanian golfing community.

2016 has presented opportunities for our golfing community and there are some exciting stories that have arisen from these opportunities. It has been wonderful to be involved with a full Board that want the best for our game and are happy to work hard to achieve it.

Our staff continue to implement policies as directed, resulting in professionally run tournaments, thanks to Stuart Eaton, and many individuals experiencing the national programs, mygolf and swingfit, in the school curriculum and in clubs, through Simon Weston’s efforts.

The Board forums that were held in each region prior to the Annual General Meeting were very well received and mean that the golfing community is much more aware of what the Board and staff are doing than in the past.

Constitutional reform promised for so long has been achieved. Annual General Meeting minutes have been posted on our website following requests from forum attendees. Major website modifications have been carried out with more to come so we remain relevant in this new hi tech age

New branded vehicles have been purchased which will assist with our advertising and media campaigns to heighten the general public’s awareness of golf in this state. We are doing all we can to “grow the game.” Also we have maintained a slight surplus with no increase in capitation fees, while spending a much higher percentage of our income on participation than ever before.

Obviously much more needs to be done to increase club viability through increased memberships. Inevitably some of our member clubs will close, many will continue to struggle financially, but if we can continue to provide all clubs with the tools available on the Club Support Portal and they use these tools to recognise steps that can be taken within their own club to help themselves, they will have the best chance of survival. Hopefully our media campaigns and grass roots efforts will turn the tide. 

Finally I would like to thank those many golfers who during the year have expressed support for the efforts Board members make and the direction in which we are heading, your comments are appreciated.

The Board would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Tony Bush